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Open Corporation

Since 1968 Teknekron Corporation has created 11 affiliates of which 10 were startups within the Open Corporation framework. In an excerpt from a talk delivered at University of California, Berkeley in the fall of 1991, Harvey Wagner shared with the audience the mission of Open Corporation:
Teknekron Corporation was founded in Berkeley in 1968. The founding group consisted of engineers from Cal and from industry who had worked on computer and communications systems. Because of our backgrounds, Teknekron has concentrated on information technology. At Teknekron, we established a vehicle for the continual creation of new ventures in which young entrepreneurs could succeed.

Teknekron's main functions:

1. To seek entrepreneurs,

2. To help connect them to sources and users of innovation,

3. To teach them the elements of business that they might not know,

4. To nurture them during their learning period until their efforts stabilized,

5. To launch their units as affiliated companies so that they could achieve further growth independently, and, finally,

6. To spin the affiliates out by public or private sale when they were fully matured.
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