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About Us

For the last decade Teknekron has been managing several multi-million dollar portfolios under various asset managers while searching for the next venture opportunity. In 2011 Teknekron started a research and development project to develop asset management systems and software that would provide superior returns, without increasing risk, at a substantially lower fee using modern data mining and statistical learning techniques. We are currently expanding that project at our Incline Village office.

During our forty year history, Teknekron has achieved a number of successes within the framework of guided entrepreneurship. Started by a small group who felt that academic advances at our Universities did not efficiently make their way into the marketplace, especially in larger technology corporations, Teknekron was created in 1968.

Some of Teknekron's most notable accomplishments over the past 40 years have been in creating a number of companies successful in technological innovation:
A totally integrated banking system used by 40% of the largest financial service firms in the US and several foreign countries. This system processes information for tens of millions of customers and hundreds of millions of financial transactions every day.

Portfolio, trading, and risk managements systems for the securities industry to track positions; provide real time profit and loss information, monitor financial instrument spread relationships; provide information on the quality and timeliness of data. These systems currently process billions of dollars in assets yearly.

The first programmable, integrated 9600 bps modem for full duplex transmission over telephone lines, and the co-development of the world's first single chip (2400 bps modem for dial-up lines).

Automated call management systems handling over 50% of the service calls for the US computer industry; sales generation, customer service and credit collection for over half of the nation's largest banks.